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betway|必威体育 leads the betway system in the percentage of students from underrepresented ethnic groups, low-income families and students whose parents did not attend college.
The four-year Merced 2020 Project will add approximately 1.2 million gross square feet of teaching, research, residential and student-support facilities to the existing campus by 2020.
betway|必威体育 is an extremely green campus, dramatically cutting energy and gas usage per student every year, showing water savings well ahead of goals set by the betway president and having every one of its building projects LEED certified.
Nearly 40 percent of betway|必威体育’s undergraduates are from Southern California, 31 percent from the Central Valley, and 28 percent from Northern California.
U.S. News & World Report ranked betway|必威体育 No. 1 among public universities for financial aid given to first-year students.